Sketching at Open Figure Session

Thanks to the wonderful people who modeled this week at Open Figure Session, I was able to get some nicer sketches this time around.

Sketches were done at Open Figure Session on 9.16.2016.

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BGA Life Drawing

Got the opportunity to draw the Battle Games Association on campus this week!  Here are some of those quick sketches.


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Creative Habit Final


This week was a blast!  I decided to completely abandon my creative habit and stretch my mind by doing other’s.  I started off with Vincent’s.  Above is a series of sketches depicting someone high jumping.  It’s a sport similar to pole vaulting, but without the pole.

I then moved on to try out Miranda’s creative habit, which had evolved into a daily speed paint of a person.  I had only intended to do this one day, but had so much fun that I decided to finish out the remainder of the week with this creative habit.


Brienne of Tarth/Gwendoline Christie


Rei Yasuda


Ella of Frell/Anne Hathaway


Christine LaHue/Mom

And here are some highlights over the past few weeks.  My creative habit was to draw 50-100 things per day.



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Creative Habit Week Three


I wanted to start this week off with one of my challenges (I ended up doing two).  The first challenge for me, was to spend more time on each drawing rather than on the quantity of them.  Going into this, I thought I might only be able to get three or four fleshed out drawings, but I move faster than I’d originally anticipated.

My second challenge day, which was actually more of a challenge, was drawing all non-human things.  The main focus was non organic objects and though I strayed a little with the cloud doodles, I kept fairly on track.

And the rest of my week didn’t feel all that productive or groundbreaking, but I made it through and think this next week will be significantly better.

Earlier this week, we watched a documentary on Bill Cunningham, a New York photographer.  It was interesting to see someone so fully dedicated to their work, but I personally found his story very sad.  This was a man who dedicated his entire life to his creative habit to the point where he had no friends who truly knew him.  While he may have been content with that, I can only think of all the fantastic life experiences he missed out on because of his unyielding dedication to his work.  I think the glorification of this lifestyle sets unrealistic expectations for those who actually want to experience life.  This is especially important for creative people because life is what inspires us to create.  If we are too busy documenting life, how can we live it and draw inspiration from it?


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Creative Habit Week Two

creativehabit032As finals have picked up, I have found it significantly harder to set everything aside for an hour to relax and draw.  It’s been pretty maddening actually.  With so much freedom in what to draw, I continually find myself wanting to draw nothing.  But, I’ve been working on it and keeping up with things.

The bulk of my research has been from the Glenn Vilppu, an old Disney animator.  His drawing manual has been a good read thus far and I’ve really been working on exercises he describes for building a good mental library.  “Never copy the model, analyze it.”  Which is exactly the opposite of what I’ve been taught in every figure drawing class, but it has been interesting and I think overall helpful as an animator to learn how to draw this way.

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Creative Habit Week One


So as a quick refresher before diving into this blog post which may be unapologetically long, my creative habit goals are to draw 50-100 things every day.  More often than not this week, that number has stayed closer to 50.  I’ve found myself sacrificing quantity for quality, something I’ve always been encouraged to do, but goes against the point of this exercise to some degree.


Some of my research this week included referencing figure drawing tips from artists Griz and Norm.  Their Tuesday Tips are super helpful in simplifying the figure and avoiding rookie mistakes.  Although I still do struggle to draw as simplified as they do, I’d like to try that more this coming week.


Also referenced a few drawing hands tutorials to brush up on hand anatomy.  This one is from Moni158.

Below is the cumulation of drawings from this week.  I think I met my goal every day except for Sunday.

Also used Bird Love by Leila Jeffreys as reference for my in class drawings on Tuesday.  Quality book with hilarious pictures.  10/10 would recommend.  

Bird sketches followed by butt and leg sketches among other drawings.

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Creative Habit Proposal

CreativeHabit003I think it is important as an animator to be constantly drawing.  To promote this good habit, I would like to draw 50-100 drawings a day.  To achieve this large number in the hour I have to complete this daily task, each drawing will be a quick gesture, 30-60 seconds, instead of a fully developed illustration or study.

Subject matter may vary on a day to day basis, but will primarily focus on the human figure and its anatomy.  I will start with the general figure as a whole, then progress to tackle areas that I have more difficulties with, such as hands, legs, and the figure in perspective.

Here are the rest of my test pages.

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